Mindblowing Butterfly Research!


With all the recent talk about sustainable energy , our species is causing the extinction of up to 30,000 other species per year.  This article from today’s Los Angeles Times should have been front page news.

Here’s are some short excerpts from this fascinating and important research.

“Butterfly wings are so synonymous with bold color that few people may wonder what makes them that way. But Yale University researchers studying the green color on the wings of five butterfly species say they have found the source of that striking color — three-dimensional crystals known as gyroids…….”

“The gyroid is the most challenging thing to describe in this research,” said Prum (senior aythof of the study). “I’m still mystified myself. It really is mind-bending.”

Vinodkumar Saranathan, coauthor of the study, took a stab: “Imagine a maze of these pinwheels, hundreds of thousands of pinwheels connected in all directions.”

“…….gyroids respond to light much like wires transmit electricity, so the potential technological applications could be enormous.”

Worth the read, and some serious contemplation of what we lose each time a species is extinguished.