Future Guitar Superstar

In my post of Sept 15 on Vicki Genfan’s “Guitar Superstar” win I observed that, as far as “being good for a girl”, Vicki has not only slipped through the proverbial glass ceiling like a ray of light but laser beamed her way through the male dominated bunker of the music industry with ultimate finesse.”

Since Vicki’s historic win, because of the sheer “Heart” she brought to this competition, I have often thought of the lyrics from a song by the Roches

“Her love is true music

And it radiates around”

Vicki’s personal win and obvious love for her music has been radiating around cyberspace and she has been sending me responses from female guitarists who on some level realize that a trail has been blazed for them. The one that stands out for me was a spontaneous response from an 11 year old young woman named “Kate”. Kate showed enormous heart and initiative in sending an original song to share her own recent win in a guitar contest and congratulate Vicki on hers via youtube.
Kate on Youtube
When Vicki asked her what her favorite guitar was, her response was “I really don’t know. I have a red Fender Electric that I picked out when I was little and started lessons. But I just picked it because red was my
favorite color then. I like it but it is very, very heavy. And I have a very inexpensive kid acoustic guitar that is pink :). Those are the only ones I have ever played. Kate”

At this writing, Kate does not even know yet, but Luna is SO going to send her the guitar of her choice to help her on her musical journey. At Luna, it is ultimately about HEART and Kate, like Vicki, has massive amounts of it.

Congratulations, Kate, on having what it takes to become a future Guitar Superstar! Keep it up and you cannot fail!

Love & Light from Luna


There’s a guitar contest today

First, a big star sings and plays,
Shares his life story, and then asks:
Who will play the guitar?

When it’s your turn to play,
At first you are nervous,
But then you get your groove on,
Your move on.

You think you did well,
But there’s no way to tell.
Then the guy starts to yell.

‘Cause you’re a guitar superstar,
And that’s just what you are.
A guitar superstar,
And that’s just what you are.

Although you are young,
Look how you’ve just sung.
Guess what? You’ve won!

‘Cause you’re a guitar superstar,
and that’s just what you are,
A guitar superstar,
And that’s just what you are,
And that’s just what you are,
And that’s just what you are!

(Copyright © K8 DS 2007. All rights reserved. No unauthorized use of this song or lyrics is permitted by any means without the authors permission. Lyrics by K8 DS.)