Among the Garbage and the Flowers

Meet Michelle Stitzlein,an artist who searches for beauty in the mundane. She creates myriad varities of exotic moths spanning as much as 11 feet across from humble found items such as license plates, car parts, piano keys, broken china, rusty tin cans, electrical wire, bottle caps, mirrors, trash can lids, bicycle tires, scrap wood, aluminum siding, faucet handles, oil drum lids and phone hand sets.

She prefers materials that bring the experience of personal associations to her work over those that are “shiny and new.”


She writes in her statement: “As an artist and as a person, I ask myself to look closer, lest I miss the one exquisite trait in something oftentimes regarded as distasteful, old, tired, unimpressive or just plain ugly so that I may see it again with fresh eyes.”

Stitzlein has also written two books outlining projects for children, families, schools and non-profits utilizing recycled, plastic bottle caps